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150ml (includes 2 free Pro Microfibre Cloths)

Pearl® Nano Seal advanced technology provides powerful protection that maximises the longevity of painted, topside gelcoats and polycarbonate surfaces.

High performance Nano 'Lotus Leaf Effect' delivers a premium slip-surface that repels dirt, retains higher gloss levels and long life protects. 

Delivers super hydrophobic water beading, sheeting, repellency and increased aerodynamic performance. 

Forms a transparent glass-like protection barrier against weather induced colour fading, acid rain damage, oxidisation and salt water degradation.

Seals, shines and protects, maintaining a waxed appearance, reducing exterior maintenance and cleaning time.

Our unique one application paint protection system and coating incorporates the very latest revolutionary Nano technology which includes Nano particles that are small enough to enter and seal the microscopic defects found in paint finishes in the form of pin-holes and fissures, which present a route through for moisture and airborne pollutants thus starting the process of corrosion in the base metal.

Once Nano particles are in place they are virtually impossible to remove and so together with our premium grade ingredients deliver an outstanding long life protective barrier against natural and manufactured elements.

Tested to Extremes: Pearl® Nano Seal surface protection system has been stringently tested to extremes and has undergone the most rigorous of development regimes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of freezing polar and hottest desert climates throughout the world.

Protecting Your Future: Successfully proven to protect all treated surfaces from weathering and significantly extend its lifetime, maintain appearance, reduce maintenance, cleaning time and retain residual value.

Unrivalled Finish & Protection: White emulsion consistency that ensures even application and one full coat coverage which dries clear to deliver a deep gloss shine and forms a transparent and virtually impenetrable glass-like protective barrier for all modern paint finishes and surfaces against weather induced colour fading, acid rain damage, oxidisation, salt water and preventing loss of gloss, lustre and UV rays.

Nano Seal has successfully undertaken advanced and stringent evaluation processes using industry leading and approved equipment.

QUV Weatherometer Accelerated Weathering Exposure Testing: This comprises of 4,000 hrs continuous run cycle of 4 hrs UV immediately followed by 4 hrs condensation then again 4 hrs condensation and 4 hrs UV and so on.

Test results: Successful completion 4,000 hrs @ 60°C with no deterioration to original surface condition or colour.

(Theoretically 4,000 hrs are equivalent to 20 years of exposure to inclement and extremely challenging weather conditions).

Tested to extremes: Nano Seal system has undergone the most rigorous of development regimes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of climates and environments, throughout the world.

Low Chalk: Minimises rubber or plastic staining – No dusting problems.

Environment Friendly: Unique water based formulation contains no aromatic solvents.

Body shop Approved: Contains no volatile silicones.

Nano Seal has been stringently tested by experts from the Institute for Chemistry in Industry and has proven to significantly protect the treated paint surface from weathering and extend its lifetime.


METHOD: Test run comprises of 4,000 HOURS continuous cycle of: 4 hours of U/V, followed by 4 hours condensation, 4 hours of U/V etc.

RESULTS: Successful completion of 4,000 hours @ 60°C. (4,000 hours is theoretically equivalent to 20 years exposure)

*QUV is a Weatherometer

Directions: Shake well before use.

Firstly clean surface using Pearl® Universal Cleaner, non-wax or non-silicone based cleaning solution and if there are any surface scratches or imperfections in paintwork these require removing with Pearl® Scratch Remover (for holograms, swirl marks, oxidisation, bird lime etching, scarring or to revitalise any paint dull lustre) or Pearl® Tornado (for heavier duty requirements to effortlessly cut through paint imperfections) prior to Nano Seal long life application.

1. Ensure paint surface is cool, clean and dry.

2. Apply using a clean dry Pearl® Pro Microfibre Cloth a panel at a time.

3. Allow to briefly haze on surface. Do not allow to dry out on surface. 

4. Buff to shine with a clean dry Pro Microfibre Cloth.

5. Do not allow treated surfaces to come into contact with water for 4 hours after treatment. In hot dry climates reduce to 1 hour.

6. Allow to fully cure and bond. Do not wash treated surfaces for 1 week after application.

Nano Seal can also be effectively used to treat and protect glass, alloys, chrome and headlamps.

Do not apply in direct sunlight. Approximately 1ml will protect a saloon car. 

Environmentally friendly and body shop approved, contains no aromatic solvents or volatile silicones.

Typical Specification:

Appearance: Viscous thick liquid

Colour: White

Odour: Warm fresh

Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened containers, stored at ambient temperature. Protect from freezing.

Container Size: 150ml (Bulk trade available on request)

Code: PL070



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