REACH is the acronym for Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals

Our comprehensive range of outstanding premier valeting and cleaning products for the automotive, marine, aviation and home care industries are formulated with continuous investment in our world class, research, development and production plants, with our highly trained and vastly experienced chemists using only the very best equipment and finest raw materials available. All our products fully comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations, are totally compliant with REACH legislation and our chemists are fully versed in environmental compliance laws, ensuring safe and ehical practices in the production, handling, storage, transportation of Pearl chemical products, to national and global markets, is adhered to at all times

Pearl® is fully aware of the progress on the European REACH regulation and has a detailed plan already in place to ensure we will be able to meet your chemical needs in future. To answer the common questions asked by customers and suppliers, we have prepared the following statements:

1. We are not a raw material manufacturer we are primarily a chemical blending operation; we mainly produce blends for our customers such as Pearl Waterless Car Wash Shampoo valeting solutions, Multi-Purpose Cleaners, Leather Treatments, Tyre Dressings, Wash and Wax and speciality products, such as Paint Sealant and Fabric Protection systems. We have recognised that during some of the blending processes there might be some reaction taking place between two or more components of the blend. Those cases where this is known we have pre-registered any substances formed that fall within the scope of REACH.

2. We are essentially a downstream user. Any dilution or blending we do is a downstream use.

3. We import certain chemicals, both high and low volumes, from outside the EU and place them on the EU market. As an importer we have to fulfil the same REACH obligations as if we were a manufacturer.

4. It is our aim to continue to offer preparations containing imported chemicals.

5. We have no intention of withdrawing any products because of REACH. However, manufacturer’s decisions may override this and we would then have to look at alternative sources. If and when we become aware of a substance that is not going to be registered, we will let our customers who purchase products containing that substance know as soon as possible.

6. We encourage all the manufacturers of the raw materials we buy, whether based in Europe or not, to obtain registration for all their current, and of course future products. However they cannot guarantee that each and every single chemical will continue to be available in the future. If a manufacturer could no longer supply a particular chemical we would then have to look at alternative sources or if necessary alternative raw materials.

7. We have identified all the substances purchased throughout Europe and asked the manufacturer to confirm that they will be registering them. Some of our suppliers have provided letters confirming they have pre-registered all their products. We have also contacted our overseas partners to ensure we have sufficient details of our imported products and we have pre-registered any raw materials in our imported products that fall within the scope of REACH.

8. We are in contact with various chemical industry associations and safety consultancies that monitor the REACH legislation process.

9. It is essential for users of substances to know if their suppliers will register the substances they require to confirm that these substances will be available in the future. It is also essential for suppliers to be informed about downstream applications as use and exposure information for the respective substances is required in order to be able to generate the chemical safety report for identified uses. We have responded to all information requests and have sent letters to all our suppliers giving details of our uses (the manufacture of blended formulations) and our customers use (the final end use of the product).

As far as we are aware none of the substances they contain are considered substances of very high concern. We will be happy to inform you when we receive copies of the pre-registration documents for all the substances the product contains however we cannot give you copies of the pre-registration documents as this would disclose the product formulation. We trust that the above answer your immediate enquiries on this subject but should you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us with details, we will then look more closely at the specifics that impact you. 

SDS is the acronym for Safety Data Sheet

For all MSDS information in relation to any product from the extensive Pearl range, please submit your enquiry to:

Pearl® Car Care Products Limited *UK and Export enquiries (also Motorcycle Care, Marine Care, Aviation Care and Home Care Products).

Pearl® Global Limited *Export enquiries (also Motorcycle Care, Marine Care, Aviation Care and Home Care Products).